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Lets make your cleaning products more DYNAMIC!

Welcome to Dynamic Detergents, the best cleaning product suppliers in the Gauteng province. Our goal is to offer the most dynamic, professionally formulated cleaning products at affordable prices straight to everyone.



We pride ourselves in delivering the most dynamic cleaning product ranges to both large companies and small households.



We still believe that the customer is king, and our staff goes out of their way to offer dynamic white glove customer service to all.



Because we understand the vital role that cleaning products has, we always do our best to deliver dynamically within 1 - 2 days.
Commercial Cleaning Products

Our Product Range

ZAP-O Degreaser

Our best selling product and a extra heavy-duty degreaser. Its the perfect choice for high pressure washes and foam-trigger bottles.

GP Cleaner(Neutral)

Our GP cleaner is a perfectly balanced water-based detergent used for general maintenance as well as  commercial floor cleanings. 

Upholstery Spotter

Our upholstery spotter is a natural and colorless solution perfectly designed to remove stubborn stains from carpets, upholstery and car seats.

Wash & Wax

Our easy to use car detergent with built-in waxing properties designed to clean tough dirt wilts, leaving the paint with a protective was layer.

GP Cleaner(High Alkaline)

Our high alkaline degreaser is perfect to use as a general  all-purpose cleaner, ideally with a mop or diluted in a spray bottle.


Our bleach has been designed with a high alkaline base to ensure that it has germ killing potential whilst being gentle enough to whiten white linen.

Dishwash Super

A thick lemon scented detergent with excellent foaming and cleaning abilities that will leave your dishes smelling fresh and clean.

Dishwash Anti-Bacterial

Our anti-bacterial detergent is ideal for commercial kitchen use. It kills 99.9% of all germs and leaves your dishes smelling lemon fresh too.

Pine Disinfectant

Our 100% effective cleaning detergent has the ability to disinfect all surfaces leaving it smelling like a pine forest.

Thick Bleach

Our thick bleach has excellent germ killing properties, making it ideal for use on all household surfaces, toilets and drains ect.

Handy Clean

This handy cleaner is a creamy ammoniated cleaner that can be used to clean all household surfaces and tiles too.

Window Clean

Lets make your windows great again! Remove all the dirt and grub with our fast drying window clean formula.


A refreshing and long lasting fragrance with cleaning properties ideal for light duty cleaning applications.


Our fabric softener is a thick and creamy liquid that leaves your clothes and other fabrics feeling silky smooth and smelling rose garden fresh.

Germ Off Sanitizer

Our GERM-OFF sanitizer has been formulated to kill 99.9% of germs, thus eliminating any bad odors and leaving your home smelling great again.

Ammoniated Stripper 

Our concentrated ammoniated solution is specifically designed to strip old wax from vinyl, PVC and rubber floors.

About Dynamic Detergents

With over 25 years of experience in the chemical trade, we can say with confidence that we both love and understand the cleaning product industry. Since we started it has been our goal to perfect cleaning products without adding a huge unnecessary price tag. Our dynamic product range is also bio-degradable, safe to use on all surfaces and not harmful to the precious environment.

Frequently asked questions

Is your products non-flammable?

With the exception of the 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer product, all our products are non-flammable making them ideal to be used basically everywhere you need something cleaned.

How long is the product shelf life?

Not a lot of people understand that even industrial cleaning products have a limited shelf life. But the great thing about our dynamic range is that our product shelf life is up to 12 months.

What payment facilities do you offer?

Because we want to make it as easy as possible for our clients ,we offer both EFT and Cash pay options. We have found that over the past years that these are the most preferred payment methods.

How long does delivery take?

As we are based in the Gauteng province, delivery times can range between 1-2 days for city hubs, with country exports such as Namibia, Botswana and Malawi taking up to 7 days.

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